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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Candidate to visit Callao

Senate candidate Pete Ashdown will be in Callao Monday 10-23-06 at 5 PM
for a town hall meeting. See below for details from a press release.
In several other venues Mr. Ashdown has supported Snake Valley residents
in our struggle against the Las Vegas water exportation scheme. (See "WHY" below.)

Anyway, if you want to ask Mr. Ashdown anything about the water issue
(or anything else), everyone is welcome to attend. If you have any questions, submit a comment to this post (at the end of this post).

NOTE: Neither the North Snake Valley Water Association, Snake Valley Citizens Alliance, nor the Great Basin Water Network endorses any candidate but welcomes candidate support in our struggle to protect Snake Valley from the water exportation scheme.

-- from press release --

WHEN and WHERE: A town hall meeting will be held beginning at 5 PM,
Monday, October 23, 2006, at the Callao School, Pony Express Rt. 230,

WHO: Cecil Garland, the Callao rancher who successfully fought the MX
missile base in the 1980s, and his wife Annette are hosting a town hall
meeting to let residents know about Pete Ashdown and how he will fight
for them in the US Senate.

WHY: Ashdown believes that rural issues are being ignored in this
campaign, and the biggest rural issue currently is how to stop Nevada
from draining the Snake Valley's water. Ashdown is siding with, to
paraphrase Garland, a place that is personified by cattle, children,
church and country over a metropolis that is personified by glitter,
gluttony, gambling and girls. He has made the choice: crops over
craps. "I believe that any serious discussion about food safety has to
involve buying locally," Ashdown said. "But if farmers and ranchers
don't have the water to grow and raise locally, consumers aren't given
the option to buy local."

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